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Gulets Turkey International

Traditional Turkish Gulets bought, sold, re-flagged and delivered anywhere in the world. Also Gulet Charters in the Aegean Sea. Link to our GULET SALES Website  Link to our GULET SALES Website  

Hotels in Turkey

If you have been searching for information about vacationing in Turkey you've struck gold. Here you will find over 200 pages covering everything you could possibly want to plan a holiday in Turkey. So take your time, get yourself a cup of coffee, browse around, open WordPad and copy and paste your way to the holiday of a lifetime.

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Turkish Carpets

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  Turkey 2004 - Back on Track
The number of inquiries for travel and accommodation in Turkey we are receiving this year indicates that tourism to Turkey is once again on the increase. Don't leave it too late BOOK NOW.


Gulets - A floating Home in the Sun
Coupled with the general upturn in tourism in Turkey, visitors are again discovering the great investment opportunities in Turkey. While Turkey remains outside the European Community, now is the best time to invest in a home in the sun. Traditionally of course a home usually means a villa or apartment, however many people are discovering that owning a spacious wooden Gulet makes an excellent floating second home as well as providing the possibility of an income from chartering.
Turkish Carpets - Now On-line
Our company Turkish Carpets Direct was launched on-line in April 2004. Specializing in hand crafted Turkish carpets from the Milas region of Turkey, these carpets can now be bought on-line and shipped anywhere in the world by insured carrier. A genuine Turkish Carpet is not only a joy to own it is an guaranteed investment. Buying and selling older Turkish carpets has always been a thriving business in Turkey, new or old you will find them here.
Italy-Turkey Ferries
The 2004 Italy-Turkey car ferries between Cesme and Ancona/Brindisi are busy this year, so
to avoid disappointment early booking is recommended.
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Gulets Turkey International

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Link to our GULET SALES Website

Link to our GULET SALES Website

The Olympic Games - 2004 Athens
Here we are in
August the month when the Modern Olympics return to the place of their birth. This month Athens will be very busy and accommodation will be at a premium. Did you know that Bodrum in Turkey is closer to Athens than it is to Istanbul. There are daily ferry services between Bodrum and the Greek Island of Kos and between Kos and Athens. So why not combine a visit to the 'Games' with a visit to Turkey.
Goodbye 6 Zeros
Not before time,
early in 2005 the Turkish Government is planning to remove six zeros from the Turkish Lira. This means one million Turkish Lira, an amount that currently buys half a cup of coffee, will become just one Turkish Lira, equivalent to about $1.50 or €1.40. This move will require the re-introduction of the Kurus the 100th part of a Turkish Lira that died out some years ago as the value of the Turkish Lira plummeted during years of hyper-inflation. This change will no doubt cause some confusion as a population used to working in whole numbers get to grips with decimal coinage again.
Broadband Comes to Bodrum
Since launching our Internet based travel agency in Bodrum in 1997 we have struggled to maintain our aim of providing a fast and efficient response to the many tourism inquiries we receive every day. With only dial-up internet access and a very expensive and unreliable frame relay service from Turk Telecom and almost daily power cuts, we have still managed to meet our aim. Earlier this year a new ADSL service became available in Bodrum increasing our speed by a factor of 5 and reducing our costs by a factor of 5. We still suffer from frequent power cuts and the broad band is not always as 'broad' as it should be, but at least we are able to communicate with our customers more efficiently than before.
Live Chat-Line for Quick Information
Following our move to broadband connectivity we have now introduced a Chat-Line service to answer 'quick queries'. At the top right of every page we have included a link that is available anytime our status is shown as
 Online . For bookings and detailed information it is better to complete our on-line Inquiryform, which is also available customized for specific tourism requirements, see the 'Inquiryforms' banner at the top of this page.


Turkey 'A Trekkers Paradise'
Most countries in Europe consider themselves to be 'free' when in fact they have severe restrictions regarding the freedom of individuals to walk freely in the countryside. Since the time the land of these countries was stolen from the people, divided among the elite of the day and passed on by inheritance it has not been possible to walk freely in even the wildest of countryside. In Great Britain, walkers have fought for years to re-instate footpaths and bridleways
which even when reinstated are still a restriction on what should be an individuals right to explore his own country. In Turkey there are very few such restrictions, the land is owned by the people and most land that is owned by individuals is still available for recreational use providing no damage is caused. Check out: Trekking.

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Click here for Reservation Form and Information The last Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey was on August 11 1999 Our Diary

There are approximately sixty total solar eclipses each century, so a total Solar Eclipse occurring at the same place twice within six years is very rare indeed. This will happen on March 29 2006 in central Anatolia, Turkey. The 2006 solar eclipse will follow a route across Turkey passing close to the famous Mediterranean resort of Antalya which has a mild climate during winter, so viewing conditions in March should be excellent. The path of totality for the 1999 and 2006 Eclipses traverse Turkey at right angles forming a cross centered on a point at: Latitude 40.1667- Longitude 36.533. These coordinates put the area close to the central Anatolian village of Caltepe,1674m (2675ft), between Amasya and Sivas.

The next Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey is on March 29 2006 More Details

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